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2012 Las Vegas Hot 100

Desiree Niemann

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Pensacola, FL


  1. Describe yourself in three words.
    Loyal, driven, adventurous
  2. Tell us something about yourself that no one would be able to guess.
    I'm a good cook and talented at drawing and painting.
  3. No matter how hot a guy is, what is your deal breaker?
    I can't deal with a liar or someone who is too self-absorbed.
  4. What is the best way to sweep you off your feet?
    Cooking me dinner or giving me a massage after a long day. Small gestures go a long way with me.
  5. Who is your celebrity twin?
    Jennifer Lopez or so I've been told
  6. What body part are you most proud of?
    My butt....no dimples haha :)
  7. Would you rather have boring sex all the time or an amazing romp once a year?
    An amazing romp once a year, but every week is better :)
  8. What summer outfit makes you feel the hottest in?
    A short backless summer dress with a pair of heels or wedges
  9. Boy shorts, briefs, thongs, or nothing at all?
    This one depends on my mood, but most of the time you will find me in a thong
  10. Share you most embarrassing moment.
    Last year I was performing an opening dance sequence at an international pageant that was nationally televised. I was on the top row of some bleachers with very little room. I tripped doing one of the moves and nearly fell off and almost knocked down a few other girls around me.