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2012 Las Vegas Hot 100

Stephani Costanza

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5' 5"
BUST- 34 B!!! Waist- 25’ Hips- 35’ All NATURAL BABY!
Special Effects Make-up Artist
Yuma, AZ


  1. Describe yourself in three words.
    Genuine, Loyal and Charming
  2. Tell us something about yourself that no one would be able to guess.
    I’m Lebanese-Italian, born in Mexico, I have dual citizenship and speak 3 languages! WHEW! That’s a mouth full!
  3. No matter how hot a guy is, what is your deal breaker?
    Confessing love after two weeks…too soon, boys, too soon!!
  4. What is the best way to sweep you off your feet?
    Chivalry…still waiting on that one...
  5. Who is your celebrity twin?
    Angie Harmon
  6. What body part are you most proud of?
    My booty!! Squats are my best friend!
  7. Would you rather have boring sex all the time or an amazing romp once a year?
    Amazing all the time!...BUT with the right guy ;0)
  8. What summer outfit makes you feel the hottest in?
    Sexy white bikini, cut off jean shorts and a baseball cap.
  9. Boy shorts, briefs, thongs, or nothing at all?
    I plead the fifth!
  10. Share you most embarrassing moment.
    My dad owned a car import store, and while all my big brother's hot friends and my dad's clients were outside, I pulled up in my moms sports car which was stick… and trying to look hot and sexy, I stalled the car right in front of everyone. I was mortified!