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DJ Jace One

Dj Jace One is originally from Los Angeles, and has been djing events since 1995. Aspired by dirty hip hop beats, reggae sound lyrics, and r&b melodies- it was no question that djing became the passion. Growing up with a family of musician’s-including his mother (who has been classically trained in opera since 16), has always helped create “the ear” for mixing music.

Dj Jace One also works with several live artists including reggae/dancehall singer “Triniti” and Long Beach based reggae/hip hop band “Chapter 11″. Jace One has been featured in several compilations, and has toured with bands around the world performing live scratch sampling and live mixing.

Dj Jace One has established a name that encompasses a full spectrum view of an artist dj- from djing nightclubs, backing up live artists, remixing tracks, to performing live turntablism scratching. Jace One is known for creating the ideal “vibe” for any event- from high energy Las Vegas nightlife style mixing to cool down, classic down-tempo style lounge events.

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