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DJ M!ke Attack has been a DJ for 8 years. He has a love for music that he shares with friends and people around the world. Spinning music has him hooked controlling the decks.

His career started downtown Las Vegas at the Beauty Bar LV. It was the first hot spot in Vegas holding down the Indie scene to dance your hearts out every week. M!ke attack has been a major influence in the Las Vegas Indie Electro scene, helping pave the way for indie hipsters and up and coming young new DJ's.

He is a technical DJ with the unique ability to really manipulate music and do live remixing. With an attention to detail and knowledge of sound, and lighting, he strives to create uniqueness within all his events. You can find him performing at many of Las Vegas hottest nightclubs.

AGENT 21 EXCLUSIVE: click for Agent 21's interview with M!KEATTACK.

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Friday, April 29 Mike Attack Liquid
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